Atelier Bambas, Atelier V-Bambas

The company Bambas produces handbags and other leather products which are painted by hand and every painting is an original. These paintings help to create not only interesting artistic piece of work, but also smart and practical trendy complement, which you can use daily without worry, because these handbags are long-life.There are tens of shapes and sizes of hanbags, hundreds motives and 15 colors of leather, so the creative customer can create himself own style and harmonize products with his personality and feelings. The company Bambas uses an unique technology for a protection of the paintings, which has been patented since 1997.The best beef leather, high-quality ferrule,lining,inner facility and top-class Japanese zip YKK are used for creating the handbag.The company Bambas offers these products:
-24 types of ladies handbags, briefcases for ladies and men, which have different shapes, sizes and facilities
- 5 types of wallets
- notebooks A5
- cases for glasses.


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